Bubble Show : Milkshake and the Winter Bubble

Bubble show: Milkshake and the Winter Bubble

Gilded Baloon

Big bubbles, small bubbles, square bubbles, smoke bubbles … no bubble is left unturned in this show! Bubble show had a great mix of puppetry, storytelling and, funnily enough, bubbles. The show followed the heart warming story of ‘The little matchstick girl’, and every audience member had the opportunity to take a print out of this story home with them which was a lovely touch. The big pull at the end was the opportunity for each child to get a photograph of themselves inside their own bubble! This is a pretty unique keepsake to take away from a fringe show, but be prepared to stand in a queue if it is something your little one wants as it was obviously popular with most of the kids there! 

I think it is probably worth pointing out that, in my opinion, Bubble show is probably more suitable for older children than my 1 year old (maybe 3 years and up would be a more appropriate age), as my wee one struggled to stay engaged throughout and it felt like there were a few other mums in the same boat. That being said, the finale was very impressive for all ages and it ended on a big high!

(Emma May)

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