The Road That Wasn’t There

The Road That Wasn’t There

Assembly Roxy

”This is a story about a girl who followed a map off the edge of the world”… And what a story it is !! – compelling, magical, utterly enchanting and with just enough of a dark edge to entirely captivate the audience….

Gabriel has received word that his mother isn’t very well back in his hometown of Otago. He heads home and finds his mother – Maggie, in a bit of a pickle. Maps cover the entire house, doorknobs have disappeared and creatures reside in the fridge. Slowly, whilst Gabriel is sorting out the surrounding mess, Maggie begins to share her story, her story of a path, of a path that she once took that lead her on an incredible adventure…

Using a set crafted from maps and cardboard boxes, this intriguing tale weaves it’s magic through shadow puppetry, intricate marionettes and haunting songs. Trick of the light Theatre once again bring their hypnotic storytelling to the festival and you’d be foolish not to sit yourself down and watch the mystery unfold.

My mini reviewers say : ”It was funny when Maggie was gardening in her knickers and chasing the postman in her knickers too!” ”It surprised me when he jumped out of the box”

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