Splash Test Dummies

Splash Test Dummies


We have a confession to make – this is not the first time we’ve seen the Splash Test Dummies, and we definitely hope it won’t be the last !!!! We are super fans as they are super fantastically awesome…

Returning with their aquatic themed adventure, the fun literally starts as you are welcomed into the venue by the goofy lifeguarding trio. Whether it’s giant beach volleyball, slow motion lifesaving, seriously impressive synchronised unicycle-swimming (that’s a legitimate thing right ?) or a ludicrous bath time number, the Dummies are drowning with talent. Acrobatics, juggling, slapstick and hoop work is all made to look effortless…..the interactions with the crowd ensure constant, hysterical giggling and I’m not sure my mini-reviewers ever got much time to take a breath ! There are very few shows that both children and adults will come out of, equally entertained and delighted – I can honestly say this is one of them.

Grab your towel, grab the family and join in the splash-tastic fun before it’s too late….

My mini-reviewers said : “.I laughed soooooooooooooooooo much, bath time was the best…”

“..I liked the life-saving bit with the slow-motion…it was awesome!..”