The Ultimate Pickle

The Ultimate Pickle

Roundabout – Summerhall

Dill says she doesn’t much like adventures, but in this fantastically immersive production by Paines Plough, she manages to convince us, and her goldfish Jack Tornado otherwise….

Once again, Paines Plough bring their dynamic storytelling to the Roundabout venue where the incredible physicality of the performers and use of the unique circular space is put to full effect – we are whisked along to an attic bedroom, a block of flats, a school racetrack and much much more. The three performers seamlessly and energetically fill the space and take on a myriad of roles. Exploring themes of transition and loss, this production has a lot of heart – and a rather hungry and loveable wolf! The imaginative and emotionally complex world of childhood is brilliantly conveyed in this touching tale.

Dealing with big emotions, big imaginations and big relationships…the ultimate pickle is an engaging and captivating adventure, that like Dill, you are sure to really enjoy !!

My mini reviewer said : ‘I really liked the story and the start with Grand Ted and the stars…’