Roald Dahl’s The Twits

Roald Dahl’s The Twits


The Twits are about as horrible as you can imagine, and for those familiar with the book, this production brought them vividly to life !

Mr. Twit’s long bushy beard is filled with nasty bits of food and Mrs Twit is hunched over and moaning a lot – a group of colourful narrators help us navigate this well loved tale and encourage audience involvement and participation along the way…Mr. Twit has stolen a group of Mugglewump monkeys from the rainforest and their friend the Roly Poly bird attempts to save them before they end up as a mere circus act! In between some rather gross and gruesome pranks the Twits play on each other, we are able to see the mischievous monkeys plot their escape and with a little bit of help, play the ultimate trick in revenge.

An amazing adaptation of a much loved tale, these young actors are truly superb- great storytelling with enough silliness, dancing and a touch of terrifying terribleness to keep everyone utterly absorbed !!

My mini reviewer say : ” When he ate the worms – that was funny and everyone being all upside down.”

”I liked the shrinking part and the roly -poly bird too”

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