For something truly, truly spectacular, that has you biting your nails with tension and then feeling overwhelming relief and awe, you must go and watch the astonishing Circolombia….

It’s hard to describe in words what this circus manages to achieve ! With a fabulous live music soundtrack keeping the rhythm and pace, the performers flip and toss each other across the stage gracefully, making it all look so deceivingly simple – and that’s just for starters ! Each individual shows extreme skill, strength, trust and daring – the bond between them hugely evident as they push themselves to the limit. Moments had me wondering how on earth they decided to even attempt what they were doing ?? A highlight has to be the giant swing, which was so carefree and exhilarating in equal measure whilst also reinforcing the message of being unique and wonderful!

Breathtaking, stunning and completely unnerving too – do not miss out on a chance to experience this celebration for yourself …

My mini reviewer said : ”I LOVED it, the swing, the see-saw and the ropes were the best…”

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