Sean Coolburra: Didj and Dance !

Sean Choolburra: Didj and Dance ! 


Sean Choolburra is an incredibly talented and very natural storyteller. I had thought that my 4 year old may have been a little young to sit through this show, but that was not the case. He was absolutely engrossed in the traditional aboriginal stories, watching their dances and learning about their crafts. The didgeridoo music Sean played at various times throughout the performance was hypnotic and had everyone tapping their toes, 

This show is such a wonderful cultural experience with plenty of Sean’s humour in it too. There were many opportunities for children to join him on stage for some dancing, and even the chance to have a go at making a fire using the traditional way of his community. Sean was also very happy to come outside the venue at the end of the show to chat to everyone, answer questions, and for any of the kids to get photos with him in his traditional dress.  

It may also be worth noting for any Bluey fans that Sean does the voice of Maynard in the children’s TV series!  

My mini reviewer said “I loved getting to play the click sticks and watching the cool crocodile and dragonfly dances” 

(Written by Emma May)