Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo


All young dinosaur lovers will enjoy a visit to this show – part palaeontology lesson and the rest marvelling at the incredible puppetry and realistic dinosaurs you see before you…

Whispers of ‘are they real??’, (our mini reviewer included), are testament to how amazingly life-like these dinosaurs really are !! This somewhat slow-paced production is more of a dinosaur lesson than a show, so come prepared for that. We are however treated to facts, history and loads more; the presentation is lively and engaging – plenty of audience participation means the children are delighted and as the dinosaurs get progressively larger – from babies up – the attention in the hall is ever more focussed.

Informative, interactive and hugely impressive – something that dino fans big and small will enjoy!

My mini reviewers said : ”…the t-rex was great, and the giant tooth was amazing…”

”..there were interesting facts, and the baby triceratops was super cute – I wanted to cuddle it !”

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