I Got Superpowers For My Birthday

I Got Superpowers For My Birthday

Summerhall- Roundabout

‘We’re not kids Mr. Goblinman – we’re thirteen ‘. In this absolute stunner of a show we are taken on an incredible journey along with Ethan, William and Fiona as they each discover they have superpowers on the eve of their thirteenth birthdays. What follows is some spellbinding storytelling as we are whisked along with the terrific trio on their quest to save their families and the world against ‘the darkness’….

Located in this unique round venue, perfect for the audience to feel fully immersed in the story, it is easy to forget there are no props, no fancy costumes- just spectacular acting as the three convey not only the schoolyard heroes but also three rather nasty ‘baddies’ in the form of a wicked goblin, giant sloppy slug and a massive dragon. Impressive use of lighting and sound and of course our own imaginations which are free to run wild, mean that it was even just the teeniest bit terrifying !!!

Acknowledging that ‘it’s hard being thirteen’, the message of friendship and working together as a team may seem obvious but enclosed within the wider wild tale it’s a triumph and one well worth remembering.

This is fast-moving, energetic and exciting storytelling at it’s very very finest…get yourself a ticket and go join in the birthday party fun (just watch out for the slug juice if you can)…

My mini reviewers says ”I liked EVERYTHING, and especially the slug – urggghhh”