(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of the Odyssey

(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of the Odyssey


This one man show was fantastic, using a combination of song, speech, spoken word and rap it was thoroughly entertaining. The format uses the well known plot tool of the main character being knocked out and embarking on a personal discovery dream sequence, which can in some shows make the plot slightly dubious, but here it was utterly convincing thanks to the talent of the actor playing Black Ulysses. Who also happens to play about 12 other characters! (including a lobster and a group of 3 trees), the kids loved this show and couldn’t stop talking about it for a long while after. Go see it if you can!

5 stars from reviewer aged 15, “utterly inspiring”
4 stars from reviewer aged 12 “funny and musical, I loved it” 
(Toni Dickson)