The Edinburgh Fringe Magic Gala

The Edinburgh Fringe Magic Gala

Gilded Balloon

For a fun, highly entertaining hour and some mesmerising tricks, get yourself along to this intriguing gala….

Filled with a variety of performers, we were treated to sleight of hand tricks, hula hooping, mind reading and even some spectacular Rubiks cube action !! Compered by Elliot Bibby, who seamlessly introduces the acts whilst impressing us with making a £10 note transform- this show makes multi-tasking look easy! Each person brought their individual talents to the stage, and Polly Hoop’s upbeat and enjoyable routine added a little diversity, balancing out against both the magic and the men !! Other acts, namely that of Tom Crosbie and his awesome skills with a Rubik’s cube, are not exactly pure magic as you definitely know what is happening, but I defy anyone to see it and say they could do the same !!!!

Having a variety of acts keeps the energy high and with just enough audience participation to keep you on your toes, this comes highly recommended !

My mini reviewers said : ”I liked the Rubiks cube guy when he threw it in the air..”

”I liked the guy making the cards go small – that was incredible” 

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