Morgan & West : Unbelieveable Science

Morgan and West : Unbelievable Science


We are huge fans of Morgan and West and were therefore delighted they’ve returned to the fringe this year, branching out and spreading their unique Victorian charm to all things science…

Colourless liquids transform before our eyes, optical illusions dumbfound us, heads are able to grow and shrink and the humble atom is given centre stage. Science is made ever more appealing and engaging when delivered by this dynamic duo, all presented with the slightest touch of their usual trickery, so we are left suitably bewildered with what we are observing. My curious young science fans were instantly enthralled, and I’ll admit I’ve never seen gravitational forces explained quite so spectacularly !

Best enjoyed by slightly older children, this is informative and fun – definitely educational entertainment at it’s very finest …

My mini reviewers said:  “..I liked the experiments with the liquids at the beginning – it was super cool – all the colours and the fire..”

“..I liked the electricity bit and the potion that glowed in the dark..”

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