The Showstoppers’ Kids Show

The Showstoppers’ Kids Show


No trip to see The Showstoppers will ever be the same, and that is part of the magic they inspire…

Songs about mathematics, people being flushed down the toilet, trips to Diagon Alley and saying our goodbyes to a dying worm – it must be exhausting to be a Showstopper contending with everything that can be hiding in a child’s imagination on a daily basis! But they embrace it all willingly, melodically and with stacks of humour. These guys are the champions of improvisation, and know just how to hit the right notes with the children and adults in the audience alike. Plenty of participation keeps everyone engaged and I’m amazed at how many ideas can be squeezed into just one show !!

Creative, colourful and captivating – be sure to get yourself a ticket and see where the daily myriad of adventures will take you along for the ride…

My mini reviewers said : “….I liked it when they got flushed down the toilet…”

“It’s really nice how they involve you and you can pick the story.”


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