Cirque Alfonse: Animal

Cirque Alfonse: Animal

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Wonderfully obscure, imaginative and eccentric circus fun – Cirque Alfonse are back, bringing their unique style into the big top along with an extraordinary agricultural theme !

Finding words to describe this incredibly quirky show is a challenge – in only the best way possible ! Bringing the farmyard into a circus tent sounds somewhat bizarre, but they execute it with finesse, style and whole heap of humour. There are tractors, wheelbarrows, milk pails and so much more – all set to a spirited live music soundtrack where the musicians fluidly become the performers and vice versa. Circus skills are abundant and decadent, featuring Chinese pole balanced on shoulders, acro-balance atop milk pails, huge cow bells seemingly effortlessly swinging through the air and acrobatic flips onto teeter boards. We loved the gentler, funny moments too – especially a scene involving juggling eggs and some endearing chicken movements !

Brilliantly bizarre, funny farmyard fun….

My mini-reviewers said : ‘…the chicken dancing was funny and the man on the very very small tractor..’

‘ I loved the broncho at the end – that was SUPER fun…’