Dexter And Winter’s Detective Agency

Dexter and Winter’s Detective Agency

Roundabout -Summerhall

Dexter and Winter are very best friends, with a special hand shake and everything; but their world gets abruptly turned upside down when Dexter’s Mum is arrested for a jewellery theft; leaving the two determined ten-year-olds on a mission to prove her innocence.

Paines Plough once again bring their incredibly dynamic storytelling to the awesome Roundabout venue, using the circular space to it’s full effect -so it becomes anything from a theme park, to a karaoke session and even a trampoline centre! While Dexter and Winter dance, jump and bound around, looking for clues in their investigation – Charlotte Bate plays the myriad of characters they meet along the way -accents and minimal props distinguish each one and it is seriously impressive. The energy, enthusiasm and curiosity of a childhood adventure are perfectly embodied by Dexter and Winter’s characters, and we collectively feel their weight of confusion when reality isn’t quite as they predicted.

Immersive, imaginative and enjoyably interactive…it is highly recommended you grab your binoculars and disguises and join the detective agency fun!

My mini reviewers said : “ ..I liked Granny Annie – the story was engaging and made me laugh..”

It was amazing and I was surprised by the plot twist…”

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