Circa: Humans


Circa : Humans

Underbelly Circus Hub

An amazing hour of watching ten bodies twist, turn, contort, jump, flip, glide, roll and curve in the most awe-inspiring ways…..

As we settle into our seats, the spectacle has already begun, with the performers shedding layers of their clothing, twisting and unfolding acrobatically across the space, filling the stage with their movement….The piece itself is stripped back, raw and intense- allowing each individual performer to showcase their abilities, strength and skill to the full. We are treated to moments filled with energy and dynamics, with all ten cast members on stage, where you hardly know where to look incase you miss something even more phenomenal and then we get moments of more peaceful, gentle routines, where one or two performers take time and space to stretch out and engage fully with the music and emotion of the piece. I loved the contrast and also the moments of humour, allowing us to see each body has limitations and which had my children spending the entire walk home trying to lick their own elbows with equally little success !!!

With spellbinding choreography, this performance had such fluidity and grace and the ten acrobats made it all look so effortless ! With no dialogue, this is perhaps best suited to older children, but I dare anyone to go and not be completely and utterly mesmerised !

My mini reviewers say : ”They couldn’t lick their elbows – it was so funny seeing them try…’ ‘ ”I loved it when she was walking on the heads…and the trapeze too”

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