Only Bones 1.0 – Thom Monckton

Only Bones 1.0 – Thom Monckton


Body popping, isolations, sound effects and astonishing physical feats take place on the world’s smallest stage in this exciting show from Thomas Monckton and Gemma Tweedie. Returning for the second time to the Fringe, this show already has sell out audiences. As we pack ourselves into one of the Assembly Roxy’s bigger studios, there is just a chair, a lamp and an orange circle on the stage. Darkness and then of a black out hands appear under a blue light to create amazing illusions; a fish, then a jellyfish and other amorphous creatures. Monkton sets the scene for us to re-imagine our body parts and all stories they can tell.

From inquisitive hands to suspicious feet then a body with no head, each section slowly reveals the performer. Each movement is accompanied by sound effects from Monkton; a sigh, a giggle, a slurp, a grunt. A lolling neck that won’t stay upright and a tongue that won’t behave and stay in his mouth and then a fantastic section in which changing facial expressions smeared across his face. You will never look at the body the same again.

This is a different and exciting type of clowning. In my favourite section, Monckton elicits suggestions of animals from the audience which he creates with his hands; he claps and merges them to create weird hybrids. From this game he ends up trying to ride a strange wolf/donkey, that he seems to find almost too weird. It’s this type of commentary that brings a further hilarious dimension to the show. Make sure you get a ticket…I have a feeling he will continue to sell out. Pure entertainment, make sure you don’t miss it!

My Mini reviewer said – “It was weird and funny and I liked what he could do with his body.”

(Robyn Hambrook)