How To Spot An Alien

How To Spot An Alien

Summerhall – Roundabout

So your Mum has mysteriously gone missing in the middle of the night, and you’re now living with your Aunt who you think might be an alien…what to do? What to do indeed …..

Twelve year old Jelly and her brother Jonjo have got themselves into a serious pickle, and we are taken along for the star studded ride ! Fighting off the sluggish effects of too much daytime television and delicious sponge cake, Jelly and Jonjo set themselves the challenge of escaping from their Aunt Leena and getting back to their Mum. Paines Plough once again prove that you don’t need fancy props or an intricate set behind you to set a scene or tell a story – the three actors use the immersive Roundabout space and the fluid boundaries to full effect – crawling, jumping and spinning around the stage whilst the hundreds of lights on the ceiling impressively convey an alien spaceship when needed ! It is absolutely captivating, filled with plenty of humour and when the story starts to wander off a little in a bizarre direction, the acting and energy on stage still manages to hold it all together…

Whimsical and just a little bit wacky, older children will love this slightly gruesome tale – just be sure to always keep a shiny spoon handy and keep asking questions along the way!

My mini reviewer said : ”I liked the victory flossing dance, oh and the driver with eight eyes was super cool…”

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