The Showstoppers’ Kids Show

The Showstoppers’ Kids Show


Inviting all the children in the audience to create the story and ideas for a show may sound like a recipe for disaster for most people but the colourful cast of the Showstoppers Kids Show take it all wonderfully and creatively in their stride…

Whilst being seated, we are already being treated to improvised songs about various audience members and attractive clothing – this energetic and engaging start leads in to a somewhat bizarre hour of stories about itchy ballet dancers inevitably being covered in poo (the kids are getting to choose the ideas remember !) and a rather dangerous poodle named Pinky ! I love that the performers are ready to take on the challenge and embrace whatever the audience will come up with, and that the show becomes truly interactive and participative. The live musicians add to the energy and rhythm of the songs and bind it all together. I also love the fact that every day will be different, though I’d guess there would a few recurrent themes, namely around poos….

A sell out show and it’s clear to see why – grab your tickets and prepare to be enthralled by the weird and wacky places children’s imaginations and some talented improvisation can take you !

My mini reviewers say : ” I really liked how they used their imagination and interacted with the audience, getting kids on stage too…”

”I liked the poo dance best…”

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