A gentle, heart warming start to anyone’s morning this Fringe ! Sparkle delights in all the right places – leading us through the emotional highs and lows of self expression and identity…

Sparkle loves his tutus, his twinkly shoes, his glittery notebook and, more than anything, his pet caterpillar Gerald. The first day of school is always a mixture of excitement and nerves, and while Sparkle is determined to spread his glitter and magic amongst his new friends, others are anxious – watching from afar to see how the days will unfold. Sparkle forms brilliant first friendships but also faces confusing discrimination and anger. Inventive puppetry, limited dialogue and simple props help the story to unfold at a perfect pace for a younger audience -allowing children to explore their response to some of the difficult themes and share in the ultimate joy and celebration.

Weaving messages of embracing our inner selves, respecting others and the importance of friendship – this show is sure to add a little bit of sparkle into our lives…

My Mini reviewers say :      ”..they expressed the story really well and I liked how they interacted with the audience too..

I liked when Sparkle did his show and when we looked through the telescope to see the school in the tent – oh, and I liked Gerald too !


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