Flip Fabrique are back, and this time they are exploring what it means to be a woman…

Weaving their unique magic into this hour-long show, Flip Fabrique use all sort of incredible ways to explore gender roles and stereotypes and astound us along the way. Breathtaking acrobatics, stunning aerial performances, evocative live music, intricate diablo tricks and a giant trampoline are squeezed into this performance which left us wanting more. A central piece of pole performance set to a soundtrack of Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’, was a total stand out moment….and this coupled with the parts of humour and playfulness embody what an exceptional company Flip Fabrique truly are.  Boundaries are once again pushed and played with as performers soared over our heads and balanced on the edges – resulting in audible gasps from those in the front rows!

Proving that whether they’re wearing a tutu, football helmet, high heels or anything else inbetween- bodies are astonishingly amazing – We left as awestruck as ever!

My mini-reviewers say :

” …the giant trampoline was amazing, incredible tricks and flips…”

” It was all SO amazing, and I loved the two women on the trapeze up over our heads – best show EVER.”