The Gruffalo, the Witch and the Warthog with Julia Donaldson

The Gruffalo, The Witch and The Warthog with Julia Donaldson


Julia Dondaldson needs no introduction, she is a household name amongst all parents and her beautiful, rhyming books are things of wonder …

This show captures all of the magic of the books and much much more….the stories come to life on stage before us and is very much a family affair with Julia Donaldson herself, her husband, sister, and two friends. Clearly a huge amount of chemistry between the actors! The well loved stories Room on the Broom, the Gruffalo and Superworm are enthusiastically shared, as are the newer, lesser known Magic Paintbrush and the Ugly Five. With an ingenious use of costumes, gorgeous puppets and sets based on original illustrations from the books, which open up to reveal more surprises it is evident why tickets to this show are the hottest in town !! Top tip – bring along your books to get signed by the lady herself after the show, and if you’re lucky enough like us you may get serenaded by Malcolm Donaldson too !!

And just when you thought this inspired and wonderful hour could not get any better – we all witnessed the Gruffalo flossing….

My mini reviewer said : ”It was super fun. I LOVED the Gruffalo and the mouse. I just love it!”

(Sophie Hug Williams)

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