A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings


We are told that within this with curious tale there is no lesson, ‘so don’t go looking for one’…

And so we are whisked away into this imaginative and intimate hour of captivating storytelling, following Pelayo and Elisanda’s experiences after the arrival of a peculiarly old man with enormous wings who they naturally set up residence in the chicken coop. Beautifully handcrafted sets, innovative lighting and clever projections help weave this fantastical tale along and we were completely enchanted. Chickens, spidery ladies and paper towels added a depth of humour and warmth, keeping younger audience members fully engaged and a haunting soundscape accompanies the storytelling and adds to the evocative and immersive nature of this show.

With just enough of a dark edge to keep us totally engrossed, its highly recommended you take a seat and get settled in….

My mini-reviewers said:  ‘’..I liked the chickens…they were funny..’’

‘ I really really enjoyed it, totally worth the early start…’