Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure

Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure

We were really excited to head to the Fun Kids show as we are active listeners of the radio station so it was great to see the presenters live and on stage.

The concept was good and it was interesting to help them make a radio show and to think that it would be going live across the UK. They had structured the show well, actively involved the audience and children and parents were on stage, shouting out ideas and volunteering their help. It brought the audience together and to be honest I think the adults had more fun than the kids at points. During the show, a small boy who was learning to read was given the opportunity to participate. He sounded out the words on the cue card and read very well – the Fun Kids team were fantastically patient and really supported his efforts.

The presenters had lots of energy; however for some of the children the plot was a little long and they lost their initial enthusiasm by the end. Would only really take those 6 years or older and only those who have listened to the radio station, otherwise not sure they will get the plot or have the connection. Fantastic effort from Fun Kids, but probably not going to appeal to all.