Hotel Paradiso

Hotel Paradiso

Underbelly Circus Hub

It’s extremely hard to combine a coherent story and exciting circus acts all within one show, but Lost In Translation manage this with ease…

We are ushered in and immediately welcomed to this quirky hotel…the charming concierge busies himself introducing us to the eclectic staff, the owner Madame and with narrating this sprightly tale. Whilst Madame and her staff are scuttling around, trying to come up with enough money to avoid being evicted – we are treated to delightful displays of juggling, acrobatics, shadow play, hula hooping and much more. Pitched for children and families, this show performs at a slightly slower pace than I might have liked, but my mini- reviewers said it was perfectly awesome !

Bold, bustling and bighearted, we thoroughly recommend you pack your bags and enjoy your stay!

My mini-reviewers said : “I liked it when the lady was stuck on the chandelier and doing super cool tricks.”

I enjoyed the bit at the end when they were passing the case to each other…”

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