The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

Pleasance at EICC

Wowsers…this is an epic piece of children’s theatre – immersive, brave, heartbreaking and emotional. It is so refreshing to see a challenging topic such as bereavement and loss being dealt with so beautifully, sensitively and ultimately gently.

On arrival, children are issued with jackets and invited by the lovable duo Gary and Barry to become ‘little locators’ for the Lose-O-Porium where we meet Lucy Lose-alot and is the place where all lost things live. It’s a pretty magical space filled with cushions and hosting a myriad of doors, cupboards and little surprises! We get to meet Frank, who is looking for his Mum, and we are invited along on his journey through ‘Castleton’ town trying to find her…featuring gorgeous puppetry, lots of interaction for everyone, some singing and a host of brilliant, vibrant characters who try to help Frank find his Mum or offer advice on the feelings of sadness and frustration Frank is experiencing following his loss.

An intimate performance and honest too; dealing with big feelings and offering powerful messages of memories and love. It is simply exquisite….do make sure you bring a tissue or two !

My mini reviewer says : ”I liked Sir Dancealot….and plucking the chicken..that was fun !”