The Snow Queen

snow queen_0014_photo by steve ullathorneThe Snow Queen

Gilded Balloon at the Museum

A beautiful fairytale is retold and comes to life in this endearing production by Shanghai based Theatre Anon. It is a tale of powerful friendship and of love overcoming some immense obstacles…

A merry musical maestro helps guide us through the well loved Hans Christian Anderson story of Gerda and her best friend Kay, whom is hit in the eye with a shard of glass from a magical mirror and thus changes overnight with a frozen heart- becoming withdrawn and unfriendly. Gerda commences on an immense journey to save her friend, stopping to talk to friendly flowers, polite princesses and even revelling with ravens, robbers and reindeer along the way ! A small and talented cast are able to seamlessly transform into these colourful characters, and along with some singing and shadow puppetry have the audience completely captivated. The sight of the Snow Queen herself results in some audible gasps from the audience, clearly enchanted by her costume and presence….

Suited perhaps to older children who can appreciate this more ‘traditional’ and longer performance, it is a engaging piece of theatre, sure to inspire all who come to escape within the magic of the tale…

My mini reviewer says : ”I liked Gerda and Kay growing their roses and the lady with the pretty flower garden ”