Morgan and West: More Magic for Kids!

Morgan and West: More Magic for Kids !

Underbelly Med Quad

The dazzling and dapper duo have returned and bring us even more fun and mesmerising magic !! With a new show for this year’s festival, Morgan and West provide us with their familiar and quick witted humour alongside some new dazzling tricks and illusions…

Expect the unexpected they say, and with a show featuring lemons, umbrellas, eggs, melons, escapology and even some ventriloquism that’s exactly what we were captivated by ! With plenty of audience participation along the way, this show is pitched perfectly for families.

A room full of giggling children and seeing their astounded faces is enough to convince that this is magic at it’s very best …

My mini reviewers say : ”It was really funny, I laughed my head off…..” ”I liked the eggs, and the baby banana best ”

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