Opera Mouse

Opera Mouse

The Space@Surgeon’s hall

One very cute little mouse called Tilly and some fantastic singing make for a hugely enjoyable morning in this engaging and enthusiastic show which is a perfect introduction to the rather intimidating genre of Opera !

We meet Tilly and her brother Tommy, both extremely cute mice, but whom have very different desires when out and about in the wide world outside of their tin can home. While Tommy is fixated on cheese and his belly, Tilly has stumbled upon music and is transformative powers – she is inspired and motivated to sing and to share her new found gift with the world. However, being a mouse, she must overcome the huge obstacle of everyone being very afraid of her first…

Using brilliant puppets, that she has embellished herself, Melanie Gall takes us effortlessly through this charming production. Inviting children on stage to sing with her, she embraces the audience and also astounds them with her incredible voice.

Melodic, moving and mousey…this is a real treat for all ages.

My mini-reviewer says : ‘I liked it because I’m called Tilly and so is the mouse ! The opera singing was nice and loud’