Magical Bones: Soulful Magic (12+)

Magical Bones: Soulful Magic (12+)


‘No matter how impossible the circumstances may be, there is always hope’…..Magical Bones shares these wise words before immensely impressing us with a bit of mind boggling escapism..

This is an hour of incredible, imaginative magic, including some stunning card tricks and to the relief of the audience member involved, making a destroyed driver’s licence reappear intact! Magical Bones delivers everything in his cool, calm manner….sprinkling in some break dancing moves whilst he solves a reubiks cube to further showcase the plethora of skills he has ! Even a simple arm rolling exercise leaves the entire audience speechless and I’ll admit, we tried to work it out for a long time at home, and still couldn’t!! This is the extra magic of the show, leaving us guessing and the tantalising feeling of wanting to know his secrets but also relishing in the bewilderment.

Leaving us properly astonished, and with plenty to talk about….give in to the curiosity and check it out for yourselves !

My mini reviewer said : ‘..the end trick was amazing, I still don’t know how he did it !’