Glasgow Girls

Glasgow Girls


From start to finish, this is simply a superb and fantastic show….a total highlight of the Fringe this year ! Opening with a very catchy ‘Welcome to Glasgow’ song….this musical is based on events dating back to 1999 when asylum seekers were dispersed around the UK and Glasgow opened it’s doors (and housing schemes) to asylum seekers who came to settle there.

We see friendships forming in school and the rather fabulous Mr. Girvan with his new class of asylum seekers learning English. What follows is an emotive and inspiring portrayal of true events when one of the girls is taken to a detention centre awaiting deportation as her home country has been deemed ‘safe’ by the home office. As her friends process this news and decide to take action against it, thus the ‘Glasgow Girls’ are born – a group of seven feisty females and firm friends, determined to challenge the Home Office decision and bring their friend back home to Drumchapel. Among some energetic musical numbers and outstanding dance routines, we are shown the brutality of dawn raids, the rash, generalised decisions of the Home Office and the daily fear of deportation that asylum seekers face.

We are witness to touches of wit and humour and the fabulous character Noreen, who never wanting to be in a musical has ended up in one and we’re all very thankful – she adds Glasgow banter, charm and massive loyalty as she gets up in the early mornings to watch for vans arriving for the raids, to be able to warn her new neighbours.

Proving that it is possible to enact political change, this brilliant production delivers a very powerful and inspiring message of hope that is so pertinent in our current political climate. Grab a friend and get yourself along, everyone should be seeing this show…