Are you Alice : A New Wonderland Tale

Are you Alice : A New Wonderland Tale

C Venues

This was something completely different and we really liked it ! It’s a total reworking of the original Alice In Wonderland story, complete with moments from the well loved poem the Jabberwocky…

Seven bold performers use dance, physical theatre and inventive puppetry to take us through this emotive hour of Lewis Carroll’s writings. The original music and songs were particularly captivating and we found ourselves humming them long after the show had finished ! Best suited to older children who will appreciate this innovative performance and recognise well loved characters such as the Cheshire cat and the Queen of Hearts in amongst the other prose and poetry. Ideas of identity and belonging are touched on with the clever use of a rotating cast which further enhances this endearing piece.

Don’t be late ! Follow the white rabbit and discover this unique and charming adaptation for yourselves….

My mini-reviewer said : “I loved the music and songs, and the bits with the books….and the tea party – that was funny!”

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