One Duck Down

One Duck Down


“With enough love in your heart, anything can happen…” so says the cheerful Billie as he sets sail on a quest to find all 7000 rubber ducks spilt from a capsized cargo ship in order to win Cecilia’s heart….

And so this delightful seafaring tale begins….Billie meets a host of colourful and creative friends on the way – a huge whale with a digestive problem, nip-nipping crabs on a island of rubbish, a rock and roll loving polar bear and some pirates in training. Each charismatic character is adorned with rubbish, their costumes imaginatively upcycled from our everyday waste. Upbeat songs and plenty of jokes enhance this production with an important message at it’s core – the seas are full of plastic and it certainly isn’t fantastic !

Captivating and charming, this endearing nautical adventure is sure to inspire….

My mini reviewers said : “It was a good story; funny, sad and happy in some places and it taught us to care for the oceans..”

I liked the pirates in training – they were funny..”

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