Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

Dr. Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

Assembly Roxy

Featuring Hippo ‘google-goggles’, a Hippo call button, the invisible Hippo catching blanket and of course a rather elusive Hippo, this is a real pleasure of a show filled with wit and charm !!

We join the highly entertaining and charismatic Dr Zeiffal at the Hippo institute and quickly learn there has been a Hippo sighting in Edinburgh and that we can all get to become her assistants in helping her experience her first actual wild Hippo sighting. Dr. Zeiffal is a wonderful character filled with warmth and enthusiasm and guides this absorbing performance with ease! Donning our ‘google goggles’, we catch a glimpse of the cheeky Hippo resulting in much giggling and laughter in the room as Dr. Zeiffal and the Hippo chase each other in circles all around the stage and venue itself……With loads of interaction and joining in, this is such a fun, creative show, perfect for children and allowing them plenty of space to let their imaginations run loose!

Quirky, inventive and lively…it’s well worth getting down to Assembly Roxy and assisting Dr Zeiffal in her lifetime quest !

My mini-reviewers say  ”I liked pressing the hippo call button and liked it when Dr Zeiffal was chasing the hippo”  ”I liked how they got the audience involved, and I got to go on stage twice !!”

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