Emotive, energetic, playful and poignant…this circus takes you through a whirlwind of emotions and is seriously impressive..

There were times when there was so much going on up on stage it was difficult to know where to look  – so much talent was on display. Boom is based on real events where performers met just after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, in March 2022, and its incredible what they’ve produced together to share here in Edinburgh. The emotive storytelling is effortlessly weaved into this performance, not about war, but about connection, and friendship, humour and warmth. From their first moment of meeting, through to hugging, to shared language and ultimately finding the bliss in doing what you love and what makes you happy….this show is a delight from start to finish.

Delivering a powerful message of resilience and hope, sharing time to reflect with these young performers is a joy.

My mini-reviewer said : ..’I liked it when they were all hugging, and the clown – he was funny, and the snowball fight..’