Beards ! Beards ! Beards !

 Beards ! Beards ! Beards !

Assembly Roxy

For something absolutely completely different this Fringe, I would advise checking out this quick-witted and quirky musical rumpus by Trick of the Light Theatre (the company behind The Bookbinder). Highly recommended for all beard enthusiasts out there !

Beatrix lives with her two beard loving fathers (naturally both sporting rather fine facial hair!) who run the ‘best barbershop in town’ but sadly can do nothing to help when Beatrix herself wants a beard. This desire stemming from her perception that all the important, wise and influential people in history have had beards. Beatrix then cuts her hair in a storm and inadvertently calls upon the Portuguese un-canonized Saint of Bearded women – Wilgefortis, who is the highlight of this rather eccentric performance. What follows is a madcap hour of musical madness and visits to various bearded historical characters…

Delivering the simple and important message that what’s behind the beard is what actually counts, this is a real gem of a show and will certainly brighten up anyone’s afternoon…

My mini reviewer says :” I liked the Wilgefortis song and when Beatrix got her beard – her beard was cool”