The Snail and The Whale

The Snail and the Whale


“A tale of a snail ….with an itchy foot” Julia Donaldson fans are in for a treat this year with Tall Stories returning to the Fringe, bringing with them an adaptation of the fantastic book ‘The Snail and the Whale’..

With live violin accompaniment,the audience take their seats to get settled and the atmosphere is set – this coupled with an excellent and enchanting stage set make this watery tale extra special. Tall Stories do not just re-tell the original text, they imaginatively perform it within the context of a father heading off again to sea and reading his daughter her favourite bedtime story. In this way, a little girl’s bedroom furniture magically transforms into a humpback whale, and a small cuddly toy called ”Speedy” becomes the snail. We are whisked off on their journey,sailing round the world through a perfect ocean of words and song – and even a little bit of audience soaking interaction !! Visiting icebergs, volcanoes and then ultimately losing his way, the whale takes the tiny snail on a whole host of adventures.

With the pace of the original text lost in this creative adaptation, this performance works best for those children (and adults!) very well acquainted with the book, and consequently children who are slightly older.

Captivating, inventive storytelling along with beautiful live music and songs- its highly recommended that you climb aboard and set sail !