The Adventures of Bo Peep

The Adventures of Bo Peep


The Adventures of Bo Peep was a big hit with my mini reviewer! It is a very gentle puppet show which would be well suited for those who may get over stimulated by many of the fringe productions. 

A beautiful simple story which introduces you to little Bo Peep and takes you on her journey to find her sheep. But these are no ordinary sheep, one is a unicorn sheep, one a superhero sheep, one loves flowers and another trees. The show had a wonderful mix of storytelling, audience interaction, and singing. It was a feast for the senses too, with careful attention paid to details such as the smells, touch and sounds of the farm, and which the audience gets to experience throughout. 

The puppetry itself was captivating and set design was cleverly adapted to the story. There was even a lovely shadow puppet scene which my wee one found totally magical. 

Immerse yourselves in the sights, smells and feel of the farm in this imaginative tale…

My mini reviewer said:  “My favourite bit was when the superhero sheep flew over the bridge and I got to feel the magic river water in my hands” 

(Written by Emma May)