Fashion Spies

Fashion Spies


Fashion Spies is a hidden gem of a show, nestled just outside George Square Gardens, it feels like the spy adventure is already beginning as you enter the atmospheric red box venue…

Proudly bearing our spy name badges, audience participation is mandatory on this mission, which was loads of fun from beginning to end. Three tie-dye boiler suit clad performers accompanied us on this fast paced, choose your own adventure style show, full of fashion themed puns as the Secret Agency Service (SAS) investigate the theft of a variety of extremely valuable fashion items from fashion weeks around the world. Highlights are some catchy musical numbers, the hilarious Madame Linguine and the somewhat bizarre but highly entertaining inclusion of foxes! (You’ll just have to go see the show if you want to find out why !) ….

Fashionistically fantastic, full of colour, silliness, foxes and interactive fun….

My mini reviewer said: ..’My favourite bit was Stacey the fashion fox…and getting to join in with the cardboard tubes’..