Nick Cope’s Family Songbook

Nick Cope’s Family Songbook

Gilded Balloon

For a lovely melodic and gentle start to your day, it’s well worth heading along to see Nick Cope and enjoy an hour of his beautiful, funny and inventive songs…

Featuring dragons named Keith, pirates, monsters and even poo; Nick Cope’s songs are pitched perfectly for little ones and the delight was clear to see on everyone’s faces. As the audience warms up, the intimate venue becomes the perfect place to host this family performance. The stage is soon crowded with kids bopping along and joining in all the actions, and a finale in which children are invited to come up and perform with Nick Cope is spectacular ! His talents lie not only in writing these engaging songs, but also in the delivery – his understated and calm manner mean everyone feels at ease and welcome in the space.

It’s clear to see why Nick Cope has such a strong following, his acoustic folk style songs are exactly what every parent can enjoy listening to with (and even without) their children! If you’ve never heard him before, please go and check him out – you won’t be disappointed ….

My mini reviewer said : ” He’s funny- I liked it when he sang the ‘poo’ song..”