Human Fountains

Human Fountains


Oh my goodness ! Only in Edinburgh at the fringe would you get a show where the three performers main talent is squirting water out their mouths in a variety of directions, colours and themes…

This is not a show for the easily squeamish though and I must say the inclusion of raw egg almost had me gagging, but that aside, it’s somewhat entertaining. An hour is a long time to sustain a variety of tricks centred around essentially spitting water, but the three performers admirably and creatively turned their hand to lots of physical comedy, clowning, hilarious audience participation and a very very silly scene involving grapes which the mini-reviewers particularly enjoyed! Safely stowed away in the thoughtfully provided ponchos we felt brave enough to sit in the front row…

Definitely a show that sticks in your mind afterwards, and you’ll be wanting to try all the tricks at home too…lots of quirky, watery fun !

My mini reviewers said : ‘I really liked the coloured water…and the show encouraged me to spit more at my brother – in a good way !’

‘..the bit with the grapes was super funny and the gun fight scene !’