Flamenco For Kids

Flamenco for Kids

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Flamenco for Kids is a wonderfully interactive show/ workshop where children get a chance to learn some simple flamenco dance moves, dress up and dance with the flamenco dancer on the stage. Unlike some kids shows might, this show does not compromise on artistic quality, featuring Ricardo Garcia on guitar and fully decked out flamenco dancer Miriam, direct from Spain. Both are excellent performers and they demonstrate this at the beginning of the show with a short guitar and dance demonstration. Its then straight into having all the children up to learn some moves.

Miriam was a wonderful teacher who clearly really enjoyed interacting with the small children. After practising some simple moves all the kids got dressed up and performed with costumes on. 45 minutes went by very quickly and most children, including my 3 year old, were very engaged. You can’t please everyone, however there was no judgement on little ones that weren’t taking part!

An excellent photo opportunity and I have to say, a great advert for the full flamenco show, I’d say this show is perfect for 4 to 6 year olds who love to dance and dress up.

(Katch Holmes)

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