Don’t Mess With The Dummies

Don’t Mess With The Dummies


There’s so much circus happening at the festival these days, that it can sometimes be hard to stand out from the crowd – but this trio of dynamic and comedic female performers do just that !

Setting off on a camping adventure, we are immediately engrossed as insects fly about the place, tents are just about pitched, snacks are pretty much eaten and sleeping bags come alive and serenade us !! This is a show that just keeps on giving ! It was a welcome change to see new creative tricks incorporated into this performance, such as the skipping ropes and foot juggling, joining old favourites like hula hooping and acrobatics. This triplet of performers do it all with tons of style and heaps and heaps of fun – ensuring the audience are laughing constantly and always alert for the next thing flying towards them!

Grab your rucksacks and sleeping bags and head off into the unknown with these lively, likeable Dummies ….you certainly won’t regret it !

My mini reviewers said : “…I want to be like them when I grow up…”

It was BRILLIANT…especially the silly string.”

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