Brainiac Live !

Brainiac Live!


If you like loud bangs, explosions, things being set on fire and lots of smoke, then this is the perfect show for you !!

Jam packed full of science experiments, mind riddles on the large screen and folk in lab coats and goggles, this show has a little bit of everything including the science behind it all. We saw Brainiacs testing the strengths of various materials by running through them, saw Brainiacs voluntarily electrifying themselves, experimenting with liquid nitrogen, using rockets to fire socks into the crowd and my personal favourite was watching a Brainiac spin wildly in an office chair propelled by a fire extinguisher– something I’ll remember for quite some time !! Misheard song lyrics had us all giggling away and a fascinating exploration of our hearing made me realise I’m not as young as I like to think I am !!

Coming with it’s own warning, this is one large, LOUD and literally electrifying show, put your fingers in your ears and prepare for the brilliant Brainiac boom ….it’s absolutely addictive and we just want to see more !

My mini reviewers say : ”The whizzy, spinning seat was awesome..”

”The BIG bangs were the best..”

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