Circus Abysinnia : Tulu

Circus Abysinnia : Tulu


Beginning with a recording from the moment Deraru Tulu, the first African woman, won Olympic gold and ending with an incredible extravaganza involving a giant swing – this circus is jam packed, joyful fun….

We were astounded by some skilful contortionism, amazing fire juggling, acrobatic sequences that were absolutely breath-taking, intimate aerial and acro balance performances and intense roller-skating sequences that truly made us gasp!! You could sense the collective anticipation of the audience, waiting to see what awe-inspiring act could possibly follow each perfectly executed segment. Part of the added joy of this show was the energy radiating out from the performers, as they danced and sang along to the playful soundtrack filling the big top.   

Guaranteed to brighten anyone’s afternoon – this is high-octane, high-energy circus that you really don’t want to miss…

My mini reviewers said: ‘..I REALLY liked the big swing, when it went all the way round was awesome..’

‘..the roller-skating bit was immense…it was nerve-wracking to watch !