Ruby Redfort

Ruby Redfort


Ruby Redfort is no ordinary thirteen year old, she’s also a special agent, working for Spectrum Agency, and busy breaking secret codes and solving mysteries along the way…

This adaptation of the popular Lauren Child book is perfect for older children (suggests age 7+), and especially for fans of the book who will already be familiar with Ruby, her best friend Clancy and Hitch; the impressive butler, no sorry, make that the impressive House Manager ! With a slightly confusing and slow start, the performance builds up a good pace once the stage is set and the mission revealed. We follow Ruby as she is introduced to the world of Spectrum; as she then negotiates the double life she is about to lead as a child spy, also being accountable to her best friend Clancy who obviously wants to know everything that Ruby is up to and then on each step of her journey as she thwarts the criminal masterminds set to steal the museum’s new showcase jade statue! The cast make excellent use of the small space and using coloured light poles we are transported from Ruby’s home to the underground network and epicenter of the Spectrum secret agency! A talented cast of three also keep the audience engaged, with Clancy adding the perfect amount of humour to balance out the action thriller plot line.

Cool, calm and confident – Ruby Redfort is a pleasure to be introduced to, and the added satisfaction of unraveling a mystery makes this even more enjoyable !!

My mini reviewer said :’‘It was really funny when Clancy was pretending to be a waiter doing room service…”

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