The Dark Room (For Kids!)

The Dark Room (For Kids!)

Gilded Balloon

This comedy show primarily aimed at 11+ kids has a straightforward format. Set up as a large live action video game, members of the audience have to play to try and escape the “dark room”, and win one of the most random selection of prizes ever encountered.

The show at times feels a bit repetitive but the mix of different audience members directing the choices in the game with a well scripted baseline story and a good dose of funny ad-lib remarks keep this show from becoming staid. Judging by the audience and the loud laughter coming from most members,young and old, John Robertson, the cyberpunk gamesmaster of the show, manages to pitch the humour just right to entertain all ages.

The balance is kept skilfully between dark humour and kid friendly entertainment and our 14 year old reviewer laughed from beginning to end:

5 minutes in – ” I love it already”

10 minutes in – “This is so ridiculous and funny”

50 mins later  – leaving with a flamboyant potato! and a huge grin

If you’re looking for a nonsense, in your face kids comedy show, especially for   pre/early teens, this is for you.

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