The Listies Make You LOL


The Listies make You LOL


Rich and Matt have returned to the festival, and boy are we glad they did !! Bringing us all along on their madcap, chaotic and quick witted ‘car’ trip  …..

If your kids like potty humour (which kid doesn’t!?) then they will LOVE the Listies! The kids (and big kids) were literally falling off their seats with laughter. The sketches were full of silliness and high energy that had the whole audience gripped. The Listies aren’t afraid of the unpredictability of interacting with this audience, which ended up leading to some memorable and unique moments ! There is no hiding either in this crowd- you will at some point be involved in alien attacks, loo roll firing or dirty underpants flying around the place.

Random, rollicking and rowdy….this show is a winner for big kids and little ones alike….absolutely unmissable!

My mini reviewers say : ”This is the best show ever. I liked the whole part of the car journey and their dirty pants….yuck !”  ”100 stars for The Listies – it was AWESOME ”

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