Vertical Influences

Playful, graceful, breathtaking and surprising, this show is refreshing (and fresh in the chilled environment!) and mesmeric. Showcasing both wonderful synchronicity and individualism the five skaters weave their parts across the ice creating a highly enjoyable show.
There’s something rhythmic and melodic about the sound of skates on ice and this is used to good effect in the show alongside a booming scape and dramatic lighting, which in turn give this performance depth.  This double bill is a feast for the eyes, whilst during the first half you are in the stand and feel far removed, in the second half you are much closer to the action, sitting on the ice (on a carpet!) and the effect is exhilirating.
In a coupleparts of the show the interpretation is a bit lost but overall this show is a delight, both visually and technically beautiful to watch.
Young teen reviewer said,  “That’s so cool….they way they move together is amazing….makes me want to get some skates on”
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