The Amazing Bubbleman

The Amazing Bubble Man


Bubbleman was a packed show and for good reason. From the very beginning the audience are transfixed by Louis Pearl’s bubble skills. He begins with smaller bubbles and works big before creating bubbles that rise to the ceiling, smoke filled bubbles, bubble sculptures and even fantastical hat creations.

Audience participation is strong with both children and adults being invited up and entire children encased in bubbles at one point!

Part of what makes the show is the live music, provided by Bubbleman’s sidekick Jet Black Pearl. Live on accordion, flute, vocals and loop pedal she loops, sings and plays, building the show up in suspense, reflecting the bubble movements and providing a one woman show in herself.

As the show can get quite almost quite technical in what Louis achieves with bubbles this show will be especially appreciated by older children. At an hour it is quite long for the younger ones, however there were more than a few who remained in their seats throughout the show so it probably depends on the child!

Between Jet Black Pearl’s live music, Bubbleman’s chat which more than entertained the adults as well as the children and of course the spectacular bubble creations this show will be enjoyed by the whole family.

(Written by Katch Holmes)

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